Here is Emily!  I had a lot of fun with Emily and her mom during the session.  We talked and laughed the whole time!  She is such a sweet girl and totally beautiful.  So enough talking - check her out :)
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Sarah is a lovely senior rep of mine who totally rocked her session.  She had amazing clothes (I wanted to steal them all) !  I had a great time and cannot wait until your next session! 
                    Thanks to Cortni @ Xpressions for some awesome hair and make-up!



Another  senior rep!  If you are a facebook friend of mine - you probably have seen this gorgeous face in a sneak peek I posted.  Samantha was a great rep to work with - she was so kind hearted and full of energy!    I'd take a senior like her everyday :)

Once again - Super hair and make-up by Cortni @ Xpressions! 



So, this beautiful lady is my sister-in-law!  I am a pretty lucky lady to have had such an amazing model - inside and out.  Love ya Aim :)

Check out these killer blue eyes! 

Hair and Make-up by Erin @ Xpressions

Hair and Make-up by Erin @ Xpressions



Ok, this is way past due :(  I have not blogged since I had Harlow - LAST YEAR.  Anyways...WE ARE BACK and promise to be better!  I hope we were missed and you enjoy our new updates and look (new website is coming soon too).  Be excited, I am!

 Can you see why I haven't blogged - she is trouble and way too cute!


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